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Saturday, August 20, 2011


An 11 year old school boy 4000 miles away

Have you heard about the drought/famine in southern somalia? 29,000 children have died in the last three months. Overflowing refugee camps. Despair. Do we turn a blind eye?

Look at what this 11 year old kid has done since he learned about it:

Ghana schoolboy launches solo famine fundraiser

Andrew has been raising money door to door in Ghana, asking businesses and houses for donations. His dad pledged all $500 of his salary for the month of June. He must get his compassion from his father.

You know when people talk about celebrities they'd like to meet in their lifetime? I've had mine too! The Johnny Depps, the Natalie Portmans. I think I am this kid's number one fan now. I thank Heavenly Father for people like this who remind us what we can accomplish if we JUST ACT. (I'm the first one who needs this lesson, again and again)

Some things Andrew has said:

"There are hungry people in Ghana but our situation is not as desperate as the people of Somalia...This is a moment that mankind can touch lives. There is no point for others to have so much to eat while others have nothing to eat."

Here is a list of accountable nonprofits to donate to, working on this disaster now. Helping is so so simple. A text message? Is that really all it takes?

abc news international: how to help

Rain is not expected until October, as the site says. Can't we all spare something ourselves and ask those around us to give a little too?

Thank you for posting this! I've been looking for the right opportunity to get my Jr. High art students inspired to do some service.
Can I post this on facebook, a link to your blog?
Sure! :) how are you guys doing?
We are great! Little baby girl are on the way. How are you???
Thanks for posting this! After reading throughbthr orgsnization descriptions, I'm not sure which one to choose or how to support that boy and his specific fundraiser. Suggestions?
Hey thanks for the Christmas card! We really appreciate you staying in touch! You have a beautful family and it will be fun to keep up on what you are up to. We send our love, President and Sister Fisher and family
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